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"Love Bats" Sticker Book by Liam Williams

"Love Bats" Sticker Book by Liam Williams

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Are you like us? Do you love collecting stickers but struggle with crushing indecision when it comes to figuring out what to put them on, so you just end up with random piles of loose stickers hiding all over your house???? Fear not, for Liam has the solution!  He's made a sticker book, containing 50 wax paper pages so you can keep all your precious stickers in one place to browse through and take out when you finally find the perfect thing to stick them on! You can peel and restick em as often as you need to; see video for demo! Features Liam's brand new original "Love Bats" design (this design is also available as a print!)

Spiral-bound notebook measures approx. 9" x 12", contains 50 wax paper pages

Original cover design artwork by Liam Williams

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