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"Guillotine of the Soul, Rot"

"Guillotine of the Soul, Rot"

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Unkindness Art in conjunction with L'oiseau Noir Jewelry

This decorative spoon is an interpretation of the Unkindness Art bird skull logo. It is entirely handmade. It was rut nut, filed, engraved, shaped, smoothed, and polished by hand. The ruffer in which it comes is painted with metallic enamel, felt lined, and sterling silver leafed with the Unkindness Art lettering on the lid.

The decorative spoon is made from nickel, sterling silver, and black onyx. It has a lining finish, so its patina will change over time and use. You will receive instructions for cleaning and care.

Decorative Spoon hand made entirely by Joey Ortega

"Rot" Original artwork by Teresa Sharpe


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