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Go F*** Yourself Sticker Set by Kingsley Van Zandt

Go F*** Yourself Sticker Set by Kingsley Van Zandt

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Four cheeky little animals paired with tools and thoughts of self love and pleasure...made by resident artist Kingsley Van Zandt (alekivz). Buy one, two, the whole set; adorn your private diary, give your hitachi some personality, slap it on a waterbottle or bike helmet (they're waterproof!), gift them to your special friends or partners, the options are limitless! 

These die-cut vinyl stickers feature a silky smooth feel and matte holo effect.

✧ JACKRABBIT: A jackalope with a jelly pink rabbit vibrator (approx 2" x 4")
✧ ITACHI MAGIC WAND: A weasel with a Hitachi personal massager (approx. 2.5" x 4.5")
✧ SALAMANAL: A salamander with a buttplug (approx. 3" x 3.5")
✧ OCTOPUSSY: An octopus enjoying a very yonic oyster (approx. 2" x 4")

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